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As a holding investment company of integrated property and construction solutions, Crowie Holdings has pursued a growth path that has seen it acquire interests in all aspects of its sphere of influence, including project management, property development and property management, over and above its construction-focused subsidiaries.

This wide range of capabilities ensures that the group is able to meet the demands of a diverse range of projects and the most exacting of clients, overcoming the challenges of complexity and location.

Ever cognisant of its responsibility to meet the needs of its clients and the industry in which it operates, Crowie Holdings remains active in pursuing an aggressive growth strategy, always remaining mindful that new acquisitions need to add to its already extensive service offering.

Crowie Holdings provides superior services in the following sectors:

  • Property development
  • Development management
  • Construction
  • Construction project management
  • Property management
  • Property asset management
  • Property-related financial services