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Crowie Projects

Formed in June 2000, Crowie Projects initially focussed in the construction project management arena, but in April 2002, the company responded to the needs of the marketplace. This remains the largest black - owned project management company in South Africa.

Crowie Projects was retained as a separate entity, but changed its focus to identifying property development opportunities and then following through to realise the successful completion of these projects. The company is proud of its status as a leading property developer and full turnkey solution provider, offering highly specialisec skills and significant resources to both its development and construction clients.
Enza Construction

A purely construction-focused company, Enza Construction was formed in 2003 to capitalise on opportunities being created in the market. With substantial capacity and a sterling reputation built on its ability to execute large projects, Enza Construction remains one of the largest black-owned construction companies in South Africa.

This solid background has led to the company enjoying an average year on year growth in turnover of approximately 180%, positioning it to take on sizeable construction projects across the country.
Focus Project Management

Focus Project Management was formed in April 2002 following the successful merging with Crowie Projects. The merger was due to a need to create critical mass required to undertake large capital projects. Focus Project Management has the resources and skills to undertake large projects nationally. Their services have been successfully applied in various industries including mining, manufacturing, housing, retail, medical, tourism, transport and training sectors.
OakwoodProperty Management

With its key focus areas being property and facilities management, as well as property administration, Oakwood Property Management operates in major South African cities and surrounding areas. The company offers the services of experienced property managers in all types of property, including industrial, commercial, retail and residential transactions. These cover a range of areas of expertise, including managed portfolios, institutional and independent owners.